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[Beijing 北京] 招聘 | 法律专家(Legal Specialist)

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国际劳工组织中国和蒙古局正在招聘一名法律专家(Legal Specialist)。
合同类型:固定期限(fixed term)
简历投递截止时间:日内瓦时间2023年8月21日(midnight Geneva time, 21 August 2023)

Specific Duties
1. Provide support and assistance to constituents in the development of diagnoses and/or regulations or compliance mechanisms to extend labour and social protection to workers facing a high risk of exclusion due to their work arrangements, with a particular focus on those in the platform economy and other new forms of employment.

2. Examine and provide comments, as appropriate, to draft reports by governments and other authorities and analyse legislation and practice concerning the application of labour laws, with a particular focus on workers in diverse and new forms of employment, notably in the platform economy.

3. Develop legal and policy-oriented research and tools aimed at the strengthening of decent work in the platform economy and in other work arrangements.

4. Review national legislation, research and practices regarding employment in the platform economy and contribute to studies on regulatory and compliance gaps, and approaches to ensure decent work for the workers concerned.

5. Facilitate tripartite consultations on industrial relations, including labour dispute resolution, within the platform economy and regarding workers in other work arrangements.

6. Establish and develop links with Chinese research centres and academia to create a network of experts on the topic of decent work in the platform economy and other work arrangements.

7. Organize dialogues and participate in events on challenges and good practices regarding the promotion of decent work in the platform economy and in new forms of work arrangements, including through innovative regulatory approaches in areas such as social security, public employment services and vocational training.

8. Assist in the preparation of strategic work plans in the domain of laws and regulations that respond to constituents’ needs, and coordinate activities with other specialists in the DWT/Bangkok, the Regional Office and, as appropriate other technical units at ILO headquarters.

9. Perform other relevant duties as assigned.

These specific duties are aligned with the relevant ILO generic job description, which includes the following generic duties:

Generic Duties
1. Examine reports by governments on ratified and unratified Conventions and Recommendations.  Examine and analyse complaints.  Prepare comparative analyses of the legislation and practice of the different member States. Draft comments for presentation to and discussion with high-level committees and/or groups of experts. Provide advice to colleagues on labour standards under the incumbent’s responsibility.

2. Prepare legal opinions and interpretations on a variety of legal questions or in a specialized field.

3. Prepare notes, reports and documents concerning questions of international law or labour standards, including requests for interpretations on complex legal questions, for consideration by governments, the Governing Body, the International Labour Conference and the Director-General. Develop strategies for follow-up to decisions made by policy bodies.

4. Analyse draft labour legislation submitted by governments to the ILO for comments prior to adoption.

5. Undertake research and write studies on complex problems (i.e. judging compatibility between legislation and practice) relating to international labour standards, labour law and labour relations, as well as prepare general surveys, manuals and articles.  Supervise the preparation of statements on questions of public international law relevant to the work of the ILO.  Advise on the position to be taken by the Organization on these issues.

6. Review and approve instruments of ratification.

7. Provide technical support to special tripartite committees established by the Governing Body or commissions of inquiry to examine alleged infringements of ratified Conventions.

8. Represent the work unit at meetings, including Conference committees and industrial committees, to provide advice on legal questions or questions concerning international labour standards or labour relations. Act as adviser to Conference committees and assist in the drafting of international legal instruments and participate in pre-conference work, including drafting committees. Represent the Office at meetings of other international organizations.

9. Develop, plan and implement technical advisory and promotional activities, including tripartite seminars, workshops, lectures and discussion groups. Represent the Office on missions which may be of a sensitive or controversial nature and before judicial bodies.  Represent the work unit on internal committees or at inter-agency meetings.

10. Participate in the secretariat of various committees dealing with legal issues or labour standards, including preparation of background material and documents, drafting records of meetings, drafting reports, etc.

Required qualifications
Advanced university degree (Master’s or equivalent) in law, preferably with a specialization in labour law.

A first-level university degree (Bachelor’s or equivalent) in Law with an additional two years of relevant experience, in addition to the required experience stated below, will be accepted in lieu of an advanced university degree.

Seven years of relevant practical experience, including at the international level, in labour law and labour relations. Prior work experience in China is an asset.

Excellent command of English. Working knowledge of a second working language (French, Spanish) of the Organization is required. Working knowledge of Chinese would be an advantage.  

In addition to the ILO core competencies, this position requires:

In-depth knowledge of regulation, comparative law and compliance mechanisms. In-depth knowledge of the challenges and opportunities generated by the platform economy with regard to ensuring access to decent work, and fair competition between enterprises. Demonstrated ability to provide technical and legal advice at country level. Ability to design research studies and conduct comparative analyses involving the application of legal principles to  administrative, substantive and procedural problems of a complex nature.  Excellent written and spoken communication and presentation skills. Strong diplomatic skills, tact and discretion. High standard of integrity, professionalism, personal discipline and impartiality. Good interpersonal skills. Ability to work in a multicultural environment and to demonstrate gender-sensitive and non-discriminatory behaviour and attitudes.
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